About Us

EEE is an independent publisher in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico offering emergent contents, points of view and methodologies since 2009. At Editora Educación Emergente (EEE) we believe in an open, inclusive, and diverse culture, nurtured by the creative and critical reciprocity that characterizes reading and writing. We are committed with inclusion in all phases of our books’ evaluation, production, and distribution process. Our meticulous editorial project embraces, celebrates, and disseminates emergent, unusual, and alternative voices, forms, contents, and methods throughout the Puerto Rican archipelago and its diasporas.

Contact Information

  • Sales: Lourdes I. Rolón Collazo (lourdes.rolon@editoraemergente.com)
  • Publishing: Lissette Rolón Collazo (editora@editoraemergente.com)
  • Editing and Translation: Beatriz Llenín Figueroa (beatriz.llenin@editoraemergente.com)

Postal Address

PO Box 50717

Toa Baja, PR 00950-0717

Puerto Rico

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