Against Muerto Rico...


Author: Marisol Lebrón

Translator: Beatriz Llenín Figueroa

Series: reVolucionA



The series reVolucionA offers here the bilingual publication Against Muerto Rico: Lessons from the Verano Boricua /Contra Muerto Rico: lecciones del Verano Boricua. The book approaches the Verano Boricua 2019 from a sociological standpoint, highlighting what its author, Marisol LeBrón, considers the six most significant political lessons to be garnered from the rebellion for the ongoing struggle against the forces of death in Puerto Rico. These lessons are: (1) the struggle must be intersectional; (2) the criollo elite are a murderous class; (3) debt is death, protest is life; (4) protests are sites of pleasure; (5) la policía ≠ el pueblo; and (6) the diaspora must be a part of the struggle for Puerto Rico’s future.

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