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Lani: the Nomad Coquí and the Sea of Stars


Author: Sara Gavrell Ortiz

Illustrator: Christie López


Series: Otra escuela


Lani is a nomad, adventurous and playful coquí. On her way to meet the sea, she encounters and befriends species –other coquís, a lizard and a hawksbill turtle– who ask her to stay for everlasting play and to become the pirate she dreams of. But Lani, who persists in her adventures, ends up in a “sea of stars,” a marvel beyond her imagination. 

With Lani, the Nomad Coquí and the Sea of Stars, Sara Gavrell Ortiz invites us on a journey through iconic places in Puerto Rico which must be visited and preserved: the Arecibo Observatory, the Camuy River Cave National Park, the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, and the Bioluminescent Bay in Vieques. She also defends Lani’s inclination for play, adventure, and the thrill of life, as a coquí in harmony with her biodiverse world.  

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