Nada es igual: bocetos del país que nos acontece


Author: Anayra O. Santory Jorge


Series: Crónica otra


Chronicles and Essays. In Nada es igual: bocetos del país que nos acontece, Anayra O. Santory Jorge makes everyday chronicles and subversive news commentary. She crafts critique and theory, in an astute and audacious way, concerning our contemporary moment in Puerto Rico. But, above all, she tells stories. And deaths. She narrates forms of dying here, where dying “is not an easy matter.” […] What moves, convinces and makes Anayra’s writing “a series of small triumphs” is the nearness of her voice of survivor, neighbor, comrade, which is the only thing, let us say, that the wind can take away, but does not, really. (Guillermo Rebollo Gil)

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